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Vanlife after 97 days

For starters, I just want to apologize to anyone who signed up for this blog on the promise of vanlife updates. I had such high intentions for my contributions to this blog, most specifically around vanlife, but I totally fell off the moment we took off in mid October. I am not sure if it was the stretch on my time or that I’ve felt lost around what to even share: from the intricacies, challenges and the beauty of living with 3 other people within a 70 square foot space, to the interesting people whom I am connecting with in the most random or awesome places, to my efforts to immerse myself in the “here and now”, to where we sleep, how we shower or use the bathroom, and to my sociological/spiritual education pursuits.

Around day 64 I began journaling, every night. It is highly personal, to the point that I am not ready to share (I am fostering a place to be as honest as possible with myself in an effort to be as honest as possible as a human being here on Earth). But I am documenting everything – so if there is anything (literally anything – no topic off limits!) that you want to know, just ask and it would be my honor to share! Comment below or feel free to message me @amigaandi on instagram or as me on FB.

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