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Less is More

There is a spiritual connection that exists in valuing the truly valuable.

It’s a win-win-win y’all!

In the van we have 28 gallons of water. Fresh clean filtered perfect water. We stay at camp sites that are both less expensive and far more beautiful because we are able to live off-the-grid for a period of time, not using hook-ups. 

In the van, life is streamlined and simplified, simply because we are living with less. I have realized profound benefits as part of this lifestyle. For example, I get to enjoy the advantages of a smaller wardrobe where everything matches and each piece of clothing has been meticulously vetted with tremendous wear-testing to fit me to perfection and look great. This saves me time and stress by allowing me to dress quickly and effortlessly. 

But also, because making things like water last and minimizing the pile-up of trash, I begin to value the truly valuable. I put the pressure on the faucet as low as necessary to rinse each dish (or as fast as possible when refilling our water bottles with that good shit!), turning it off quickly to spare every second that the water isn’t being used while running. That’s how it should be, water respected for the necessity-growing-in-scarcity that it is. And because valuabling the truly valuable is acknowledged to my core (as seen in my behavior) putting my time and effort partially into its’ care, I am more blissful and at peace, elevating my spiritual connection with the life-giving force.

I share this with you because I believe that we often associate lifestyle-related climate change solutions with sacrifice. But I am beginning to believe that it is quite the opposite. And as the preservation of our climate most immediately demands that, first and foremost, we use less (as Dr. Kat Knauer says, “Reduce is the most important R!), I think we will be met with a higher level of contentment as we do this. If my experience is reflective of this, as we begin to scale back how much we buy, store and waste in our daily lives, we have a greater amount of time and spiritual connectedness to look forward to! Not to mention the fact that less consumption also equates to less debt and less trash.

Time + Spiritual Connection > Debt and Trash. 

Does this resonate with you? Do you think about doing more with less? Are there any areas in your life where you feel you benefit by having less or using less? Tell me!

the view from our vanife kitchen

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