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I was recently quoted in a sermon

I have a theory that 95% of Americans are in 1 of 2 crises…

Yep – at a pretty big church here in Colorado!

Although I am a secular Jew, I sometimes visit this church because they have an excellent coffee shop with a big beautiful space that also funds their youth programs. While frequenting the coffee shop, I met the pastor, Pastor James! More to come on Pastor James, but I felt that Pastor James should meet Tim from Longer Tables (more to come on Longer Tables) – so I set it up! At the meeting, I opened the introduction with something that I believe to be true (although to be fair, it is not backed by scientific data), and that is this: 95% of Americans are in one of two crises right now; 

1) How am I going to put food on the table? I am struggling to make ends meet. – or – 

2) What am I doing with my life? I feel so discontent. 

Up until that point, when I shared it with Pastor James, I had believed it to just be my own personal theory. But Pastor James connects with many many people every day and he felt strongly that it was a fairly accurate theory. He wrote it down and confirmed that it was in his sermon that Sunday! After this validation, I have begun to share this more broadly with a lot of agreement. Let’s discuss it here! 

So to be clear, I think that a large majority of Americans are struggling, and in different ways based on economic status. But my point is that the struggle is a real thing right now. And the 5% that aren’t in crisis? I believe these are the people who are financially secure and finding meaning in their lives; my scientist friends who are making environmental breakthroughs while getting to play in a lab every day and my dentist who runs his own practice and also works a few days a week with underprivileged communities and does volunteer dentistry work overseas (it has also been his dream to be a dentist since he was 9!). And what about me? Where do I fall here? Honestly, I am in the “What am I doing with my life?” bracket, which is partially why I am writing this blog :). 

What do you think? Do you feel like you are right where you should be with a meaningful life? Are you struggling with economic or existential challenges? Do you agree with my theory? If so, do you think these two types of crises are mutually exclusive or perhaps that they might somehow be related? 

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