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“4 lemons but I finally found my peach”

Panguitch, Utah: We saw her almost immediately as we pulled into her large swath of land advertising very inexpensive off-grid campsites. She came storming over the hill on her ATV, flip flops on her feet and a rolled cigarette in mouth with her black lab’s leash in her hand. She was wearing flip flops and some old comfy clothes and I knew instantly that she was a bad bitch and a woman after my own heart. She charmed us right off the bat with her sense of humor. Told us not to worry about paying for two campsites since both of our vans could fit on one (our first van trip was alongside our good friends from NYC who had rented a van to travel with us). She seemed genuinely happy to see us and told us how hard it was to be an open-minded weed-smoking woman in the state of Utah. Her current husband owned this huge piece of land and it was clear that she made campsites because she loved to party and loved people. She was on her 5th husband and told us “after four lemons, I finally found my peach”. 

She brought us sticks for marshmallows on our fire and small toys for our kids. She pointed where the good trails were on the property. She brought a lot of good vibes and a few jokes as well. DJ: a soulful, open human full of love. 

friends on land

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