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Social Media: is it fun?

I’m thinkin ouuuutttt loud.

For me, it has never been fun. I found out about it in 2014 when I was interviewing interns for ANDI and several mentioned instagram, which was the first time I had ever heard about it. I was never overly active on FB (although I love it as a means to somewhat keep in contact with someone you once had a meaningful conversation/connection with over time). I met IG as something I “had to do” for my business. To be honest, I never found it fun with the exception of sometimes on my personal feed when I haven’t felt any pressure for it to be serving me in someway. And I think that is the problem. It has never been fun for me, and it doesn’t often make me feel good (although there are the occasional touching quotes, funny videos or awe-inspiring moments that have been captured – which I do appreciate!). I think for me, if I am going to be on social media in any meaningful way, it really should just be fun. I think anything social that loses its fun becomes a shitty social situation, which give me the yick to even think about.

OK so what does YOUR relationship with social media look like? Also, what do you think of my use of “yick” in the previous sentence? Autocorrect seems to be telling me it’s not a word, but I am thinking it may be some kind of derivative of “the ick”. Which according to autocorrect actually is a word (😆). Wait, also, sidenote – emojis are now available on word (which for me is google docs) – are they officially a part of the English (or Gloabal?!!!! WHICH OMG I guess is a thing – a GLOBAL language! I don’t think sign language is even fully global! Right? Bc “American sign language”. I CAN NOT wait to hear your thoughts on (all of) this!!

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  1. It would be fun if the algorithm didn’t reward you for spending too much time interacting with the phone.

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