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We Need Each Other

You are who you hang with?

Ok – this is going to be about how comforting, therapeutic and helpful I find it to be to sit down with other founders and founder-minded people to discuss opportunities, the things that I am thinking about and the things that are challenging me. ANd just like entreps need people who understand them, we all do really. Is this why humans oftentimes stick in groups of people like them (by “like them” I mean anything from the way they think, common race, gender, profession, passionate hobby, age, etc.)? And does this mean that you can learn most about who you actually are by the people you surround yourself with? To be more clear, by “most about who you are” I mean, most about the way you innately identify yourself. Because if I am surrounded by all Jews, (meaning, these are the people I choose to spend most of my time with), I might say that this means being Jewish is at the core of my identity and how I relate to people. Or if I mostly surround myself with 39 year olds, does this mean that my age (and maybe loosely stage in life) is most at the core of who I am (at least in this period of life)? Same thing if most of the people I choose to spend my time around (it is certainly a lot of the people at this point in my life), are moms! Or a doctor who is mostly friends and married to another doctor or nurse. Do you know what I am saying here? 

The point I am really trying to make is this one: In thinking about this concept, how rejuvenating and enjoyable I find my time with founders to be, it makes me think that we all need others who understand (at least in some important way) the essence of us. Do you have this? And if so, what does your “life-crew” look like? Do you think if you pull the common denominator(s) of the people you CHOOSE to spend your time with, is it an accurate representation of you?

legit friends having a laugh

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  1. I have actually struggled with and embraced this very topic. I am very deliberate and also enthusiastic about the people I spend time with. I NEED people who understand me so that I can find challenge, comfort, and understanding with them. At the same time, the whole issue about exposing yourself to others who are very different from yourself is an interesting one. Should we be pushing ourselves to change or be ore open or at least more understanding of others by spending timing with people who are different? This is especially tricky in these polarizing times! The answer for me has always come down to emotional support. I need it, simple as that. And I look for people who do still challenge me but do it in the context of safe, fun, and fulfilling relationships.

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